I give clients the benefit of my trained eye for presentation and help them prepare their home to its potential.

As a seller your home is your personal space and shelter. It is also probably one of your largest single assets. Now that you have made the decision to take your home to the market, we must make your home the most attractive product it can be. Presenting your home in its highest functionality and most appealing form can take weeks of preparation and an investment of considerable resources.We have produced a special section of information for potential clients. This “Resources Section” offers special contact numbers for reliable trades people and businesses that David has found to be valuable assets to his clients. The “Resources Section” will also provide a custom search for multiple listing service listings.

When we called David Mize to sell our house, we were facing a tight deadline to move to our new place. David's help in staging the sale included providing craftsmen to remove unneeded items from our home in order to show it just right. Further, these people did touch up work which repaired blemishes and added appeal. Without David's expert advice and help we would not have been able to meet our dedline or to make a profitable sale during a less than ideal market.

Stuart and Patricia Motley

I have always made it a policy to prevent sellers from making repairs and cosmetic improvements that are not completely necessary. I have managed successful sales for properties million dollar estates and modest condominiums. All sellers have a unique situation, and all have different reasons for taking their home to market. However, all sellers want to maximize the return on their investment and close the sale with as little disruption in their lives as possible.

I can provide a expert’s eye for presentation and pricing. I know what sells, and what will diminish a selling value in the eye of a purchaser. By employing me, you will be getting the benefits of my contacts in the repair and cleaning services. I also can provide advice on furniture placement, lighting, landscaping and curb appeal.

The market preparation checklist will assist in preparing your home for the market, and making it as appealing as possible to potential buyers. CLICK HERE FOR THE MARKET PREPARATION CHECKLIST!